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Important Dates For Girls High School Tennis

All members of the 2015 Wawasee Girls Tennis Team, please take note of the following important dates:

Saturday 2/14/15—Boys Basketball Concession Stand Duties

During this home basketball game versus Mishawaka, the Girl’s Tennis team is in charge of running the concession stand. I will be assigning 3 members of the team to report at 11:30 AM for popcorn popping and all other members are to report at 12:30 PM.  Please note that this is a mandatory service provided to the Athletic Department which supports our tennis program (which, at this time, remains a non-revenue sport), so it’s important that all girls show up and help, as it’s the only time this is asked of our team.  Anyone who cannot make it to this, please contact Coach Staley with the reason why you can’t be there.

Every Tuesday & Wednesday—Voluntary Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Due to several requests from student-athletes, I have now expanded the hour-long tennis-specific strength and conditioning sessions, by adding Tuesdays after school for the month of February (starting the 10th).  These sessions are from 3:20-4:20 and focus on workouts on lower body, core and upper body, featuring completely tennis-related exercises with equipment, medicine ball and agility ladders.

If you are free, please consider coming to these sessions upstairs in the high school exercise and training room and getting in shape now before our 2-week team conditioning begins.

Monday 3/2/15—Deadline For Registering For Team

Please note that the final day to join the team is March 2, 2015.  If you haven’t registered, but plan on playing tennis for Wawasee High School, you can register online by clicking HERE.  If anyone has already registered and has decided NOT to play this year, please contact Coach Staley ASAP.

Monday 3/2/15—Team Conditioning Begins

Starting March 2nd, on Monday through Friday till 3/13/15, we will be meeting as a team to condition for the season. This will most likely take place inside Wawasee High School’s training facilities or gym, depending on weather conditions.

Monday 3/16/15—First Mandatory Team Practice

And so the 2015 Girls Tennis season officially begins!  All players are to report for the first practice.


For more important upcoming dates, please visit the girls online event calendar by clicking HERE.


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