Wawasee Tennis


A tennis ladder is a fun way for Wawasee community tennis players to meet and play matches with other similarly skilled players, at mutually convenient times.

The way it works is that local players register for the ladder system, join a current ladder and then can challenge other members to play an 6-game pro set or best of 3 sets.  Once a challenge is issued, players contact one another through the online ladder system to arrange a time and place to play.  Final scores are then recorded online and rankings are adjusted automatically.

The entire ladder system is automated online for easy access.  Simply issue a challenge, play the match and report scores online.

Current ladders in session*:

  • Men’s Singles (13 & older)
  • Women’s Singles (13 & older)

* If there is a ladder you’d like started (doubles, seniors, etc.), please contact the webmaster via the contact page on the website listed at the bottom of this page.  We will need at least a minimum of 6 individuals for singles and 6 teams (12 players) to start doubles.



Summer Ladder-League:

From June 1-July 25, ladders will be reset for a summer league.  Each Thursday night, all members of the Wawasee ladder system are invited to attend league sessions from 7-9 PM.  The summer league goal is for each active league participant to play at least 30 sets/matches.  On Thursday nights, the ladder administrator will set up challenge matches for those in attendance to help pair up league competitors.