Wawasee Tennis

League Matches (Thursday, June 25, 2015)

The Wawasee Tennis League will meet tomorrow (Thursday, June 25, 2015) at 6 PM for matchplay.  Match drawings have been made.  Substitutions will be made for no-shows. Anyone over the age of 13 who resides in the Wawasee area can still join the ladder system and we’ll work you into matches with other new members and as substitutes.

Here is the tentative schedule of matches to be played on June 25th, 2015:

Men’s Singles

#13 Chase Jones vs. #12 Mason Gray
#10 Cal Heinisch vs. #9 Kyler Love
#6 Cameron Brill vs. #5 Dylan Staley
#6 Vince Rhodes vs. #4 Evan Krueger
#6 Todd Sprague vs. #3 Nate Haines
#10 Chase Myers vs. #1 Shane Staley
#14 Tim Conley vs. #2 Nathan Perek

Women’s Singles

#8 Meg Heinisch vs. #1 Brittney Jackson
#13 Lauren Horn vs. #4 Kabrea Rostochak
#15 Rhyss Kunkle vs. #10 Courtney Larson
#18 Jada Antonides vs. #10 Christi Staley
#15 Lesley Tayagua vs. #3 Kendra Doerr
#15 Jasmine Morehead vs. #4 Charity Parker
#18 Elizabeth Brugh vs. #10 Genevieve Cierpilowski
#9 Madison Rhodes vs. #4 Chelsea Carolus
#14 Ashley Larson vs. #2 Brooke Fick
#18 Ali Troutman vs. #4 Madison Cooper

Men’s Doubles

Mason Gray / Shane Staley vs. Chase Jones / Tim Conley
Nate Haines / Todd Sprague vs. Kyler Love / Chase Myers
Cameron Brill / Dylan Staley vs. Evan Krueger / Nathan Perek

Substitutes: Vince Rhodes

Women’s Doubles

Brooke Fick / Ashley Larson vs. Charity Parker / Rhyss Kunkle
Christi Staley / Elizabeth Brugh vs. Jada Antonides / Courtney Larson
Kendra Doerr / Chelsea Carolus vs. Lauren Horn / Ali Troutman
Lesley Tayagua / Kabrea Rostochak vs. Jasmine Morehead / Madison Cooper
Brittney Jackson / Meg Heinisch vs. Madison Rhodes / Genevieve Cierpilowski

Current ladder members can log in to your player’s account at: http://app.tennisrungs.com/Account/Login

Players: If you cannot attend league night, please contact Shane Staley via text (574) 551-3194 so that we can make substitutions for your doubles assignments.  Your singles challenges should still be played within 7 days by contacting your opponent and setting up a time outside of league to play.

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