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Warrior Prep Registration

For middle school students who are currently attending Wawasee or Milford Middle Schools. Free enrollment in the Warrior Prep Program for tennis will allow you to work with instructors and high school coaches to prepare you for high school tennis. This academy begins this spring (2015) with practices at Wawasee high school.

Parents or legal guardians please complete the enrollment form below.

Parent / Legal Guardian Information

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Emergency Contact

Please list an emergency contact outside your household.

Agreement / Terms

Before submitting this form, please read the following and agree below:

1. The Wawasee-Tennis.com Prep Academy is an independent feeder system operated by Shane Staley, head coach of Wawasee's girls high school team. This program is not operated by Wawasee High School or its athletic department. It has been created and organized by Wawasee-Tennis.com.

2. Wawasee High School, coaches or instructors involved with this program are not liable for any injuries to players.

3. Transportation to practices, open courts, tournaments and other events scheduled are the responsibility of parents or legal guardians.

4. Student-Athletes and their parents are responsible for bringing the appropriate equipment (tennis racquets, towels, shoes, etc.) and wearing appropriate attire (shorts, skirts, sweats, warmups, etc.) during academy events.

5. Once you submit this enrollment, parents or legal guardians will receive an e-mail within 24-hours of confirmation. If you don't receive one, please contact Coach Staley via the contact page on this site. By enrolling, you agree to receive e-mails from Wawasee-Tennis.com which may include (but not limited to) academy calendar events, tutorials, and other information.

6. By submitting this form, you must reside in the Wawasee community school district. All student-athletes must bring their middle school ID badge to their first practice or event.

7. Although this is a free program, student-athletes are required to bring a new can of balls to every practice or event. If there are events scheduled away from Wawasee High School's tennis complex (at racquet clubs, etc.), there may be a fee required to cover court rentals, etc. This fee will be posted on the event announcement in advance.