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Wawasee Tennis Names Its 2016-17 Captains

[Pictured from left to right: Wawasee 2016-17 captains Nate Haines, Kabrea Rostochak & Nathan Perek]

For the 2016-2017 tennis season, Wawasee is looking to make great strides with its tennis programs.  The boys team showcases 5 returning varsity starters from last year’s team. The Lady Warriors will only lose two varsity position players with a lot of upcoming talents in their feeder program.

Head coach of the boys program, Vince Rhodes, has named two captains to his 2016-17 team: seniors Nathan Perek and Nate Haines. Girls head coach, Shane Staley, has named his sole captain for the year as junior Kabrea Rostochak.

We got all three of the new captains together and asked them a few questions:

1) What drew you to the sport of tennis and how has it impacted your life?

Nate Haines:

Before entering high school, I really had no clue what sport I wanted to play. I had tried cross country, football and basketball in junior high, but I never really got into it. Luckily, I discovered tennis my freshman year and I’ve loved it ever since. I am also greatful for all of the great friends and countless relationships I have been able to build through the sport of tennis. I really could not have had the same experience anywhere else.

Kabrea Rostochak:

I wanted to play tennis because I had only ever played team sports and I wanted to try an individual sport.  Tennis has taught me to be more independent and confident.  It has also helped me perform better in pressure situations in my other sports.

Nathan Perek:

Playing tennis in gym class drew me to playing tennis in high school. It’s impacted me by meeting new people and making new friends as well as increasing my work ethic by working multiple offseasons to become the player that I am.


2) What does the position of captain mean to you?

Nate Haines:

Being named captain of the 2016 Wawasee boys tennis team is a tremendous honor. To me, the captain position signifies that not only my coaches, but also my fellow teammates look up to me and what I do on and off the court. If there was only one thing that I could teach my teammates, it would be to serve others. It doesn’t matter how you’re doing it. There is no greater act of kindness, and I have seen very strong relationships built through one person simply taking the time to serve another. So, I hope to see that in my teammates as we advance into this school year and in the near future.

Kabrea Rostochak:

To me a captain is someone who always gives their all in practice and in games.  It’s someone that the teammates can look up to and the coach can depend on.

Nathan Perek:

The position of captain means that you’re a leader on the team and that you have to stay positive to keep the team spirit high no matter how things work out. It means that you’re responsible for keeping people’s spirits up as well as your own and being a face of Wawasee tennis.

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